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The service offered is not limited only to a management consultancy for companies , but provides a strategy path that can accompany the company in its improvement.

How many times have you thought about why, while invoicing, nothing is left in your pocket or why are the expenses for the accountant or the bank more and more expensive compared to your earnings?

Or are you wondering why you can’t bill and get profits from your business? The problem is the debts with the banks, the costs and the continuous problems with the Revenue Agency?


 Business strategy 


 Business strategy 




A good business strategy like the one we at Andrew & Sax Advisor can offer you will make you live your business fully satisfied. The “survive” formula is an answer that we often hear from many entrepreneurs and our intent is to make your work and your business a source of pride, but above all of economic and personal serenity.

The fear of the consequences is one of the causes that pushes many entrepreneurs to hesitate about what to do, continuing expenses and making stale decisions and not at all profit. Sleepless nights cannot be resolved in this way, but only by activating and opting for a business strategy that can help you if there is need or can pave the way for a profitable future for your company.

In fact, behind each project, Andrew & Sax Advisor SpA supports a consultant ready to identify, plan, support the company, adopting a strategy that will then make the entrepreneur autonomous and not dependent on the consultant himself.

This process requires that both figures draw up a project by evaluating the resources and behavior of the company on which it operates.

This is a real study plan designed both by you and by the consultant, so as to maintain the essence of the company and at the same time make changes and objectives aimed at its rehabilitation or improvement.

A respectable entrepreneurial formula , such as that provided by Andrew & Sax Advisor SpA, must also take into account the developments surrounding the company.


Management consultancy for companies 


Management consultancy for companies 


It is the social environment in which it is inserted and based on the starting point of the company it is also necessary to evaluate the relationship with its workers and with future consumers.

Management consultancy for companies is not limited to a mechanical work of planning and intervention, because it provides tools without which you may not be aware of the difficulties afflicting your business.

In order for the business strategy to be successful, our consultants will write from time to time a report that will summarize the planning and the analyzed data, to proceed with targeted interventions.

What matters is to transfer the methodology to the entrepreneur to ensure that the corporate strategy can be kept under control independently, once the management consultancy for companies is completed.


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