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Are you wondering if you have unpaid obligations in the Social Insurance Institution? Or maybe you already know that you are struggling with financial problems and you can not settle your debt? Please note that from 1 January 2018, any arrears in contributions for social insurance are paid in the first place with health insurance. And that means you can lose your sickness insurance … How can you be sure you have not been deprived of a policy? All you have to do is apply for a ZUS certificate!  



The changes in the Social Insurance Institution came with a great pomp


The changes in the Social Insurance Institution came with a great pomp  


The report presented by the Social Insurance Institution shows that over 280,000 are struggling with financial problems, and thus arrears in regular payment of contributions. entrepreneurs, for a total amount of approx. PLN 3 billion. Therefore, ZUS radically changes the rules and methods of settling payers! From this year, persons conducting business activity can not pay contributions to pension, disability or sickness insurance. Reason? Arrears in premium fees with accrued interest! And that means one thing – no right to sickness benefit or paid maternity leave …  

Remember also that voluntary insurance expires on the first day of the calendar month! Even in the case of debtors who pay on time, but do not take into account the current payment and debt along with penalty interest. In addition , payers instead of three or four transfers make only one – for an individual bank account number. Then ZUS distributes payments that are allocated to specific insurance, a labor fund or bridging pension fund.  

In the event of problems, the rescue fund for ZUS debtors is the distribution of receivables in installments or submitting an application for payment of post- due fees . If there are any questions, there is also – help from the adviser for relief and redemptions. Thanks to such solutions many entrepreneurs will breathe a sigh of relief. After all, they can pay their contributions and pay their debts later or installments, but they are not exempt from benefits!  

Nevertheless, after changing the regulations, it is advisable to follow your financial situation on an ongoing basis. How? Entrepreneurs have several ways to access data on the state of their settlements in the Social Insurance Institution.


Check if you are a debtor in the Social Insurance Institution!  


Check if you are a debtor in the Social Insurance Institution!  


The simplest, and also the most time-consuming solution to obtain information about the status of your settlements is a visit to the nearest ZUS facility. There, after proof of identity, you can apply for a ZUS-EWN certificate. However, the online process is a much more convenient method. The only condition you must meet is to have a customer profile on the ZUS Electronic Services Platform (PUE). The creation of such an account takes place in two stages:  

  1. Registration and filling out an electronic form on the official ZUS website  
  2. Identity verification – by visiting the Social Insurance Institution and presenting an ID card or online, using a certified signature or e- PA profile   – Electronic Platform of Public Administration Services.  

Recently, you can also log in to the Electronic Services Platform with the help of some banks that have signed an agreement with ZUS. For now, access to the PUE profile has clients, including PKO BP, BOŚ Bank, Alior Bank or Millenium.

An entrepreneur who has a verified PUE customer profile has access to any arrears after logging in. They will find them in the “Due contributions and payments” tab . The presented in the form of the table present current information on the amount of contributions to be paid and the actual amount registered by the Social Security Office regarding fees for:

  • Social and health insurance
  • Labor Fund and Bridging Pensions
  • Guaranteed Grants Fund

PUE’s conclusion is nothing complicated!


Generally, a part of the document is supplemented with data included in the registration at PUE ZUS. The only “new” thing you need to put is to give the reason you are interested in submitting the application. Example? For example, to obtain a mortgage or participate in a bank tender. Where will you find the ZUS-EWN form?  

  1. You click on the “Payer ” tab and search the “Services” option  
  2. After expanding the category, you find the “Catalog of services” tab and select the link, the ZUS-EWN application,  
  3. You complete the form with missing data, and then select the “Save” and “Send” options. Remember that before verification of the form, he must be authenticated in one of three ways: a PUE profile, an electronic signature or a trusted ePUAP profile,  
  4. You will find the return document in the inbox in the “Documents and messages” section. The “ZUS Response” will also be displayed there, with a certificate of the debtor’s history.  

If the payer does not show any problems with the adjustment of contributions – the ZUS response is immediate. However, when there are some inaccuracies, ZUS has a week to answer!



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