A company with debts – can it get a loan?

Obtaining a loan by a company that has financial problems is very difficult. At the same time, the difficulty in obtaining financing in the form of a loan depends primarily on the type of financial problems of the company. When a company has debts then getting a loan on the financial market is very limited, but not impossible.

When a company has a long loan, it is very difficult. However, much depends on what kind of debt the company has. One of the most problematic are debts in favor of the state treasury. This is due to the fact that the state has the facility to recover debts. All kinds of debts resulting from delays in paying ZUS contributions, tax cards are a serious problem when obtaining loans in most loan companies. Other types of debts do not have to be so problematic. This is mainly due to the fact that many loan companies do not check information in BIG or KRD and in debtors’ databases. Even if loan companies check this information, they are not always the basis for granting or not granting loans.

Loans without KRD

Loans without KRD

If you want to find a loan offer when having debts as a company, it is necessary to look for offers on the market for loan companies that provide loans to indebted people. It is worth immediately looking only for offers that are addressed to business entities that have debts. This allows you to avoid wasting time trying to get loans from companies that do not give loans to companies with debts.

Many lenders on different loan terms operate on the loan market for business entities including indebted. At the same time, the chances of obtaining a loan depend always on the individual situation of a given economic entity. Many loans may be granted on pledge or on the basis of other types of collateral. However, when using loans for indebted people, you will have to reckon with much higher loan repayment costs.

Loans from other business entities, natural persons

Loans from other business entities, natural persons

You can also try to get a loan from other business entities. Then you can apply for a loan on individual terms. At the same time, individual persons or economic entities that provide private loans are able to decide even on atypical forms of collateral for loans granted. This makes it much easier for businesses with debt to get a loan. You can also get much easier loans at higher amounts compared to offers from loan companies.

When you look for loans from private individuals or other business entities, the solution may be to look for such loans via the Internet. You can decide to place ads on loan websites or forums. At the same time, you can decide to search for investors who provide private loans, where they offer individual negotiation of loan terms. Then, companies with a long history on the market or with good prospects have a good chance of getting a loan even with debts.

  • Loans without KRD
  • Loans from other entities
  • Loans from individuals


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